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You can get your Invitation to Russia immediately!

15 USD when you are staying in Russia less than 7 working days and don’t need registration!
25 USD up to 14 days with the registration fee included in the price!

4 steps to get an invitation to Russia — registration included.

1 Fill in the invitation order form. Fill in the invitation order form.
2 Pay for your invitation by a credit card — 15 or 25 USD only.
We take Amex, Bravo, Discover, EuroCard, MasterCard, MasterDebit, Novus, Visa, VisaDebit
Pay for your invitation by a credit card
3 Receive your letter of invitation by fax or email in 5—15 minutes. No request sending. Optionally: printed original by post in 5—20 days depending on region of your residency for 5 USD only. Receive your letter of invitation by fax in 5—15 minutes.
4 Do your registration online without coming for registration to any office (included in the price of 25 USD) Come for registration of your visa to one of our offices

Enter invitation order form

Important notes

  • Ost-West Kontaktservice will send you the printed original of your invitation by post if you select this option in order form (extra fee applies).
  • If any problems occur during order process (for example, you will loose Internet connection after payment), please contact us with your order details and we will re-solve the situation as soon as possible. DO NOT REPEAT YOUR PAYMENT!
  • If you have to register after your arrival to Russia you have to do it within 5 working days. Otherwise don’t have enough time for the procedure after you have given us your documents. You can do it by coming to our office in St. Petersburg or go for online registration.
  • You will receive all necessary instructions regarding your invitation by e-mail.
  • Please, feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Terms and conditions are as follows

  • One free registration
  • Every additional registration is subject to a fee of 700 Rubles
  • Please note that the on-line option will only provide you with a tourist invitation for up to 14 days.
  • If you are planning to stay longer, please see other options in our visa & invitation section and follow the option that applies to you.