If you travel by car

If you intend to travel to Russia in a vehicle, it must be made clear at the time of purchasing your letter of invitation.

As your visa should specify that you are travelling by car, let us have the following information:

  • Full make of your vehicle (example: “opel-corsa” instead of just “opel”)
  • Its colour
  • Its license plate (the number plate)

Without the above we will not be able to issue a valid invitation.

In turn you have to bear in mind the following rules:

  • Once you have entered Russia driving a vehicle, you may not leave it behind and return by other means of transportation.
  • Your driving license has to have Russia translation (verified by the notary). If you are holding an international driving license, it has to display a section in Russian.
  • If the vehicle is registered on somebody else’s name, you should have a document that appoints you as a driver (a proxy, verified by the notary)

If you have any questions regarding any of the above please, contact us.