Work Permit And Work Visa (Q&A)

Q. What foreigner needs a work permit and a work visa?

A. Generally it concerns those foreigners who are living and working in Russia. However every foreigner planning to stay in Russia for more than 90 days has to obtain either a work permit or a temporary residency.

Q. Why do we need work permits (and work visas)?

A. Before October 2007 a multiple entry business visa meant that a foreigner could stay in Russia for 12 months without leaving the country. However in October a new federal legislation was brought into force. Changes made to the visa system meant that even those, who obtain multi-entry business visas can not stay in Russia longer than 90 days in any 180-day period. Those who wish to stay without leave, require a work permit (and a work visa).

Q. What is a work permit (and a work visa)?

A. A work permit is commonly known amongst expatriates as “The Plastic Card” (as it comes as a plastic card that conveniently matches the size of your credit card).


It will also have a corresponding letter of invitation. The invitation is the chief document in the process of obtaining your work visa. The work visa will give you the right to start working in Russia. This part should be regarded by you as gaining a full legal status.

Good news: your visa now may be renewed by us annually directly in St. Petersburg. This means you don’t have to go through the process of visa application again!

Q. How do I get my plastic card?

A. Good question. The procedure has several stages. Firstly, something that is called The Permission To Hire Foreign Workforce (commonly known as The Permission) has to be obtained by the prospective employer (a company either Russian or foreign that is registered in Russia).


On arrival of the above permission the next stage takes place: the submission of the documents required for issuing of your work permit (plastic card) and a corresponding letter of invitation. Overall, it takes about 4 months to process a full work permit with work visa. To add to the above it is generally required that the applicant has to undergo medical test (for Syphilis and Aids) and is to bring a long list of documents. The applicant will be also expected to have at least a General Certificate of Secondary Education.

Please, remember, first of all there has to be somebody who wishes to employ you. You may do your job hunting without your work permit.

Q. Oh no, its too much, help me!!!

A. It wasn't really a question now, was it? However, the help is on the way. Ost-West Kontaktservice will take the process of work permit application upon themselves (for a reasonable fee – please see below for our price guide).

Q. So, what do I need to do?

A. Anybody who wishes to use our services has exactly two options. First option: make an appointment with one of our efficient members of staff (that is to show up in person in one of our offices for a consultation). We will tell you what papers you will need to give us and what it will cost you. Second option: to contact us and require detailed information sent to you. It will have list of required documents attached. It will also have more detailed description of the stages involved in the process of gaining The Plastic Card and fitting to it Work Visa.

Our Price Guide

Roubles Book Now
A permission of the federal migration office to hire a foreigner 10000
A work permit 5000
Accreditation with the UPVS and invitation for a work visa 8000
A registration and re-registration 5000
Package price 21400