Before you leave

Make Copies!

Make a copy of the ID page of your passport along with your visa page. It should serve you as a back up in case if you loose the original. Once you are in Russia you might as well make copies of your migration card and registration receipt. It might be wiser to choose to carry copies on you rather than originals, leaving originals at your hotel or holiday let for extra safety. Oh yeah, and do make a copy of your return ticket too! Good luck!

Your Invitation

Some choose to have a copy of the invitation while travelling. It just might save your back when you are going through the customs. After all its your proof that you are a tourist, especially if it has got a pre-booked accommodation!

Medical Insurance

It is strongly recommended that you have a medical insurance on you when you are moving about. Anything might happen to you (although we hope it won’t). You might faint seeing all those beautiful Russian girls (or boys for that matter). However with the insurance you stand a much better chance of getting the medical help you need!