Visa registration after arrival in Russia*

For the electronically registration of your visa after arrival in Russia please enter your Ost-West voucher number (invitation/booking confirmation) and you surname as written the voucher (or passport using the English alphabet without any umlauts or special characters).

If you provided an invitation not with Ost-West Kontaktservice, but another Russian travel agency, please chose Registration of non-Ost-West visas.

For finalizing your registration we need copies of your travel documents in form of 3 separate .jpg or .pdf files:
  • the first page of your passport with photo
  • a copy of your valid Russian visa (you used to enter Russia)
  • the part of the migration card you filled and got stamped at the boarder
Please get them ready before your start the registration process. Thank you!

Voucher number:* 

If you couldn’t enter our system or you forgot your voucher number, please contact us:

* only if you stay longer than 7 working days